User research

Concept development

Interaction Design

Increasing well-being

Studio Elk applies different techniques for user research, such as contextmapping to get an in-depth understanding of the target group.

With knowledge of the true needs of the users, solutions can be developed.

How does a product influence the users’ behavior, and vice versa? Interaction Design applies to both physical and digital products.

Studio Elk aims to increase the well-being of the user.


Award winning design: social game for isolated children

During treatment of some diseases, children have to be isolated in the hospital. This isolation can take up to four months. With KonneKt, these isolated children can now play together with other children in het hospital, on the windows between their rooms and the hallway.

A concrete metaphor for time

Planning help for autistic youngsters

Autistic people have an above-average need for structure. Also, abstract concepts, such as for example ‘peace’, ‘culture’ and ‘time’ are harder to grasp as they are not ‘real’ and tangible. This ‘Time machine’ aims to provide a concrete metaphor for time: every ring represents a certain number of minutes. By making time visible and tangible, autistic youngsters can easily make a feasible planning for the day.

Happiness phone

Cherishing small moments of joy

An old-fashioned phone was placed in a public place. The phone would ring, and when someone answered, they would hear a short message stating a small moment of joy, such as ‘catching a train because it was delayed’, ‘popping bubble wrap’ or ‘the sound an apple makes when taking a bite out of it’. The goal of the message was to encourage people to be more conscious of such small moments of joy.