Small games

12,5034,99 incl. VAT

Small games

12,5034,99 incl. VAT

These small KonneKt games are an ideal present for somebody who wants to expand his or her KonneKt collection. For example, by combining different foam KonneKt pieces with several colors, there are over 2.000 unique birds possible. By ordering a bird, you will receive one of these many possibilities.

Contains Price Foam shapes Suction cups /
Single bird €12,50 5 2 / 0
3-bird package €34,99 15 6 / 4
Castle and tree €14,99 5 3 / 0
Crocodile €14,99 4 3 / 0
Dragon €22,50 7 6 / 0
Tic Tac Toe €24,99 14 13 / 0

*Please note that the colors on the photo might not match the game you will receive

The foam KonneKt pieces can be washed in a washing bag in the washing machine at 60 degrees Celsius.
Alcohol (70%) can also be used to clean.


Each game contains different colors. Because all packages are different, the colors you receive might not match the pictures above.

Age Warning Age warning:
Warning. Choking hazard. Small parts.
Waarschuwing. Verstikkingsgevaar. Kleine deeltjes.
Attention. Risque d’étouffement. Petites pièces.
Achtung. Erstickungsgefahr. Kleinteile.
Avvertenza. Pericolo di soffocamento. Parti piccole.
Advertencia. Riesgo de asfixia. Piezas pequeñas.
Advarsel. Kvælningsfare. Små dele.
Varoitus. Tukehtumisvaara. Pieniä osia.
Warning. Kvävningsrisk. Små delar.
Atenção. Perigo de asfixia. Peças pequenas.
Προειδοποίηση. Κίνδυνος πνιγμού. Μικρά κομματάκια.
Внимание. Риск удушения. Мелкие детали.
Ostrzeżenie. Zagrożenie zadławieniem. Małe elementy.
Upozornění. Nebezpečí udušení. Malé součástky.
Figyelmeztetés. Fulladásveszély. Kis elemek.
Opozorilo. Nevarnost zadušitve. Majhni delčki.
Avertisment. Pericol de sufocare. Piese mici.
Hoiatus. Lämbumisoht. Väiksed osad.
Įspėjimas. Uždusimo pavojus. Mažos detalės.

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